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Our History

CoPak was founded in 2000 in Smithfield and worked on developing a very strong client network that has continued until today.

In 2018 CoPak was purchased by Flynt Worldwide upon the retirement of the previous owner. The name was changed to Flynt CoPak and it is now part of the Flynt Worldwide network of freight forwarders with offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Flynt CoPak clients now have access not only to our 3PL facilities but also our extensive freight forwarding and Customs Clearance network.

This current setup will allow Flynt CoPak customers to rest assured their goods are in the best possible hands.

Expansion and the need for a bigger warehouse

In 2019 Flynt CoPak decided that they needed a new, much larger warehouse and so they relocated the warehouse into a facility in Riverwood which is perfectly positioned to the M5 exit at Belmore Road. Another benefit of the move was that Flynt ICS our freight forwarding division also moved into the office section of the new building and so we are all now under the same much larger roof.

This warehouse is extremely clean with sealed concrete floors and brand new racking so we are able to store your product in an optimum environment.

Flynt CoPak is a clean warehouse licensed by the NSW Department of Health

This cleanliness is important as we hold a Licence to Supply by Wholesale Poisons and/or Restricted Substances for Therapeutic Use issued by the Department of Health, NSW. This licence strictly calls for cleanliness and regular pest traps for cockroaches and vermin.

Flynt CoPak Our services


Warehouse Stock Control Management


Pick and Pack


3rd Party Logistics (3PL)


Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance

Flynt CoPak Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is simple – Service, Service, Service. The client is to be considered before all else.

Our on-the-floor warehouse staff are constantly being trained in the need for accurate, clean well packed goods, dispensed on time.

All orders are treated with the same level of urgency and we are always working towards faster dispatch processes while maintaining the high level of accuracy we are known for.


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