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Warehouse Stock Control Management

Our cloud based Warehouse Management System (WMS) fully tracks all movements of your stock and a full suite of reports are available to you at any time 24/7.


Flynt CoPak Receiving goods in our warehouse

  1. When the shipment arrives, a visual inspection is made of the goods to ensure there was no damage incurred during or before shipment of the goods.
  2. This evidence is emailed to the client, requesting instructions as to whether the goods are to be booked into stock or placed into quarantine for further instructions.
  3. The quantities of products are checked against the delivery dockets and the marked internal quantities are checked against the delivery advices.
  4. Each item is allocated its own code and description for stock report and tracking purposes.
  5. Stock control quantities are instantly updated and visible to you when changes are made by our warehouse staff on their hand held PDA’s.
  6. If the items are unusual in appearance, a photo of each item is taken and also recorded in the computer for possible future reference.
  7. It should be noted that existing codes and descriptions can be utilised in our Warehouse Management System to enable easy communication between Flynt CoPak and clients.

Flynt CoPak Warehouse Stock Takes and Inventory Management

When stock is received, it is always treated as FIFO (first in first out), this ensures that the freshest stock is always kept in store. If the stock has a use by date, this reference is used for FIFO. Batch number are also used if appropriate.

As stock is removed for delivery against orders, the computer adjusts the remaining stock levels. When the goods are placed into the racking or onto the storage shelving, another sight inspection is made. If there are goods found to be damaged during packing, shipping or badly inspected before shipment, the damaged quantity is recorded in the computer and stock levels adjusted.

Stock level reports

Stock levels and movement reports can be run at anytime by our clients through our cloud based WMS system.


Regular cyclical stock counts are undertaken on all stock and full stocktakes are available upon request at any time.

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